Clinscience joins forces with Experior to underpin the strong position on the European clinical trials market

Following investments in Germany and Ukraine, the NEUCA Capital Group, through its subsidiary Clinscience, increases its CRO coverage by one of the largest clinical trials markets in Europe - Spain. By investing in Experior (100% shares), over a dozen million patients, develop competences in biostatistics, and expand this business area with new technological solutions.

Experior is a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) company that has been developing on the Spanish and European market for almost 20 years, encompassing its operational activities in countries such as Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, the UK and the Benelux countries. The key therapeutic areas for the company are: oncology, neurology, infectious and autoimmune diseases. Experior possesses unique knowledge of the development of research projects in the field of ATMP - advanced medical technologies. In addition to the business related to the coordination and supervision of clinical trials, Experior dynamically develops its services in the area of ​​clinical trial planning, biostatistics and technology.

- Experior and Clinscience from the NEUCA Group perfectly complement each other in terms of competences and geographical range. We share a passion for clinical trials, an unconventional approach to building value for our clients, focusing attention around the patient, and service technology. Working together, we will achieve a number of synergies to the benefit of both companies and their future - says Przemysław Magielski, Vice President of Clinscience Board of Directors.

- For us, the investment itself and joining forces with the NEUCA Group is the implementation of a long-term development strategy of the company, which ensures our international presence and increases our competences and opportunities to conduct much larger projects. We are also united by views on the use of technology in clinical trials as a key factor in building a competitive advantage and the future of the industry - says Jaime A. Ballester, President, and Founder of Experior.

Jaime A. Ballester, remains within its structures as the CEO of Experior and head of the Spanish market. He will continue the joint work on the further development of the company, enabling access to modern therapies in clinical trials to even larger numbers of patients.

- Today's investment is another milestone in the NEUCA  Group's strategy adopted in 2019 for the clinical trials area, taking into account market consolidation and strengthening our international competences. We are proud to announce that we have successfully implemented our fifth investment in this area, and at the same time, it is our third foreign one. In recent months, the NEUCA Group Pratia Research Site Network has started collaborating with over 50 hospital centers in Spain in the field of joint clinical trials. We currently employ nearly 60 coordinators in Spain supporting 250 research projects. We see great potential in using the synergy within the current site network, CROs, and technologies on the Spanish market - says Tomasz Dąbrowski, responsible for the clinical research business in the NEUCA Group.

Clinscience currently offers its clients a "full-service CRO", ranging from consulting for the development of new molecules and medical products, through design, monitoring and statistics. Its area of ​​activity includes Poland, Germany, USA, Spain (Experior), France (Experior), UK, Netherlands (Experior), Portugal (Experior) and Italy (Experior), and the Benelux countries (Experior).

One of the main advantages of the NEUCA Clinical Trials area is state of the art technology which integrates both areas (SMO and CRO) in order to provide outstanding standard and quality of data in real time for Clinical Research Sponsors - biotechnology companies, which significantly reduces costs and time of project implementation. (NEUCA Group's investment in the technology was finalized in March this year as part of the Clinscience Technologies company setup).

- We have been present on the clinical trials market for many years and we have observed the acceleration of its development. Every year, the awareness of both doctors and patients concerning clinical trials and their benefits grows. They gain access to a comprehensive range of tests, diagnostics, and medical procedures, but also to innovative drugs and treatment methods, unavailable in standard medical treatment. The idea behind our everyday activities is to focus our attention on the patient, their safety and comfort, allowing for effective participation in clinical trial processes - explains Tomasz Dąbrowski, President of Clinscience.




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