Our goal is to acquire the best talents for our business partners like CROs, pharmaceutical companies, Biotechs, and Medtechs operating throughout Europe. We are aware that conducting clinical R&D and later launching new products wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for the people working on it.


Our greatest successes are long-term partnerships with leading CROs and pharmaceutical companies., which serve as a confirmation of trust, good quality of our work and employee satisfaction.

What will you gain?

Employing outside experts leads to
more efficient usage of time


This solution reduces the risks associated with finding and employing specialists on your own.


Outsourcing services allows you to focus your resources and management processes on your company’s core objectives.


The company increases the flexibility of its operations, and by saving time and human resources, performance is also improved.


We will recruit staff and select the right person with the qualifications and experience required by the client. We also negotiate and arrange the terms and time of service customer, train the employees, and supervise to ensure the service is at the highest level. Outsourcing allows us to post workers in any sponsors in Europe.

Clinscience's outsourcing services include contract placement, permanent and temporary employment.

We entrust our partners with our staff to the most desirable, specialized and professional positions within clinical operations

Available personnel


1. CLINICAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE – responsible for coordinating and overseeing the execution of clinical trials 

2. CLINICAL TRIAL ASSISTANT - provides the administrative support to the clinical research teams

3. PROJECT MANAGER - responsible for organizing, communicating, and evaluating team objectives for clinical studies

4. GCP AUDITOR – ensure clinical processes are conducted in accordance with guidelines and regulations.

5. SAFETY SPECIALIST (pharmacovigilance) – ensure that drugs on the market are safe for patients and identify any problems.

6. START-UP SPECIALIST - oversee and lead SSU activities in collaboration with other clinical research positions

7. CLINICAL SITE ASSOCIATE – support for the Principle Investigator and study staff members at the Site

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